What is ReviewPanels?

It’s proven that online reviews can make or break local businesses, and they have direct impact on a business reputation. It has became a habit and culture that consumers double check a business reputation before spending a dime on a service or product.

But getting customers to leave you a review online has always been a challenge. The process is unclear and complicated. Most customers aren’t willing to spend hours figuring out how and where to leave a review. As result, no reviews will be left, and no one will know about the great service you provided. Your great service will be kept unknown to the outside world. This is why ReviewPanels is developed.

ReviewPanels helps businesses improve their online reputation. It’s the easiest way for your customers to leave a review on popular platforms such as Google+Local, Yelp, Tripadvisor, Homestars and Yellowpages, where other potential customers can read about your great service online.

Our mission

ReviewPanels’s mission is to help promote businesses that deserve the attention and awareness. We want their great services to be heard through the help of existing customers, and we are here to provide a platform that makes it easy for them to do so.

Our Story

ReviewPanels is founded in the beautiful city of Toronto, Canada. We are a small team of experienced developers and marketers who love the community and working with small businesses. The idea of ReviewPanels came to mind when one of our founders was asked to share his review on Google+Local for that particular restaurant. He immediately agreed due to the great service and experience. When he got home, he was surprised how time-consuming and complicated the process is. Fortunately, he did not give up and got through it. That business now has 1 additional positive review & 5 stars rating. Thanks to his dedication.